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The Bay Hundred Community Volunteers (BHCV) organization is founded on a philosophy of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”. When someone comes to us with a housing need, we work with our own resources or partner with other organizations to address the problem. In some cases, committee members perform the work and in others, we use contractors. The people who come to us are frequently seniors on a fixed income. They can meet their daily needs, but can’t afford a major expense like a new roof or a plumbing problem. We do not replace entire houses. Our goal is to reverse a deteriorating situation and improve living conditions. Funding for our projects comes from the generous donations of individuals, businesses, and foundations in the area.

Two men building a small wooden porch railing
A newly completed wheelchair ramp in front of a brick rancher


The mission of the Bay Hundred Community Volunteers is to help improve the living conditions of the residents of Talbot County, Maryland and to raise public awareness of the need for adequate, safe, affordable housing.


The organization was founded in 1999 to address a specific need for a small community in Sherwood, Maryland. We repaired roads, removed trash, cleared brush, and renovated several homes.


In 2002, we achieved non-profit 501 (c) (3) status. We expanded our scope to include all residents of the Bay Hundred area of Talbot County. Projects included roof repair and replacement, window replacement, painting, and handicap ramps. In 2009, the Bylaws of the organization were amended to allow consideration of projects throughout Talbot County. Today, many of our projects come from the Talbot County Health Department and the Department of Social Services.

A view up a new wheelchair ramp showing grip strips along the way
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