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Bay Hundred Community Volunteers Committee

Our non-profit organization is made up of a diverse group in individuals from all walks of life who believe that everyone should be afforded a safe and affordable place to live. We are governed by a Board of Directors. Officers are elected bi-annually and membership is open to anyone who wishes to join.

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Bill Shrieves


"We serve the most vulnerable residents of Talbot County. I have always felt that it is the duty of those who can, to help our neighbors remain safe and thrive in their communities."

Jack Donahue

Vice President

"When my wife Marion and I moved to Easton in 2014, I looked for volunteer opportunities and received several positive recommendations about BHCV. Since joining, we have helped hundreds of people in Talbot County and the personal satisfaction is immeasurable."

Jim Richardson


Undoubtedly, I joined the BHCV as a way to help my neighbors. Many are in need of simple home repairs or accessible ramps. BHCV strives to meet these needs everyday and I am proud to be part of this grassroots, hands-on organization.

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Jean Shrieves



Childlene Brooks


"I am proud to be a part of an organization that believes in helping our neighbors remain safely in their homes. This group's work makes important structural changes that allow them to age in place. 

Carroll Cooper



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Bernie Miller


I like being able to use my skills to help people.  I like working with the friendly men in the group.  I like learning new skills from the men that have different skills than I have.

Mike Friedberg

Board Member


Steve Friedberg

Board Member


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Dwight Henry

Board Member

I joined BHCV over 20 years ago to help those in need. Despite working full-time, I found time to help. Everyone we've helped have been very happy and appreciative of our services. God bless the BHCV and those we serve.

Virginia Jackson

Board Member

Volunteering is special to me. I can’t participate and do the things I used to do because of my age and health, but it is still in my heart.  It was just a joy doing hands on helping others.

Henry Stinton

Board Member


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