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BHCV Programs

Modular Wheel Chair Program

Bay Hundred Community Volunteers began installing modular aluminum wheel chair ramps in 2020 and by January of 2021, nine were put into service around the county. There are many advantages to these ramps over traditional wooden construction.


Ramps are built in sections prior to transport to the needed location where final assembly is completed. The ramps we use are fully ADA compliant and modular. Lightweight and easy to assemble, very little skill is required to quickly prepare them for installation. Considered temporary, in most cases they do not require a permit to install. When the need for the ramp concludes, removal and relocation or storage for future use can be done in a matter of a few hours.


BHCV returns to installed ramps after 30 days to inspect and perform any needed adjustments. Additional inspections are done every 90 days after until the ramp is no longer needed.

Three pickup trucks with three modular ramps loaded into the beds ready for install

General Home Repairs

Small things matter. We help members of our community in need of home repairs but without the means to afford them. Simple things like fixing a leaky faucet or installing a grab rail can prevent larger issues such as water damage, mold growth, and debilitating injuries from falls. 

Repairing trip hazards such as worn tile in a bathroom floor can save vulnerable residents from serious, life altering hospital visits and hospital bills that might keep them in financial trouble for years. Our volunteers typically can do these repairs without need for additional contractors and our only cost is for materials. These are some of the simplest but most immediate improvements we do for our neighbors.

A man operating an auger

Living Conditions Improvement

The mission of BHCV is to help improve the living conditions of the residents of Talbot County, Maryland. The program began due to a need for overall improvement in the living conditions a community in Sherwood, Maryland in 1999. Through the efforts of the organization, roads were repaired, brush cleared, homes renovated, and 150 tons of trash was removed from the community. 

From that start, the BHCV has helped Talbot County residents remain safe and thrive in their communities for over 20 years. In that time, the BHCV has completed 175+ projects and invested over a quarter of a million dollars into Talbot County. 

We have repaired or replaced steps, added handrails, and replaced windows and storm doors.  While we lack funds for major repairs such as roof replacements and bathroom renovations, we often partner with other non-profits to work on a larger project.  We use licensed contractors for some of this work.

A dog sitting on a newly constructed wooden porch
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