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Bay Hundred Community Volunteers Receives Donation From Ravens Roost 141


Jul 7, 2023

Proceeds from BBQ to Support BHCV Programs

McDaniel, MD – Bay Hundred Community Volunteers, a non-profit community service organization dedicated to providing zero-cost home repair services to neighbors in need, has received a $1,500 donation from Ravens Roost 141 a fellow Talbot County, Maryland based organization.

A Roost is a group of Baltimore Ravens fans who come together to celebrate their team while supporting their community by doing charitable deeds and raising money for local causes. Roost 141 held a BBQ fund raiser to support BHCV’s modular wheelchair program.

“We are so fortunate to have the support of this passionate group of Ravens fans,” said Bill Shrieves, BHCV President. “They are united by their fandom but the channel that into making a real difference in our community.”


About Ravens Roost 141

Ravens Roost 141 is a Talbot County group dedicated to showing support for the Baltimore Ravens! They hold get-togethers, community events, and fund raisers to support local initiatives and each other as a team. They hold monthly meetings at the VFW in Easton, MD the first Thursday of each month at 7 pm. They gather to discuss future projects. For more information visit


About Bay Hundred Community Volunteers

The Bay Hundred Community Volunteers (BHCV) organization is founded on a philosophy of “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”. When someone comes to us with a housing need, we work with our own resources or partner with other organizations to address the problem. In some cases, committee members perform the work and in others, we use contractors. The people who come to us are frequently seniors on a fixed income. They can meet their daily needs, but can’t afford a major expense like a new roof or a plumbing problem. We do not replace entire houses. Our goal is to reverse a deteriorating situation and improve living conditions. Funding for our projects comes from the generous donations of individuals, businesses, and foundations in the area.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Bill Shrieves at 410.924.1177 or email at

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